1. Two vs. Two Team Play
2. End of Days

Two VS. Two Team Play


1. You will need TWO TIME BARONS SETS.

2. Divide up into two teams of two each. Teammates sit across from each other, similar to Bridge and other classic partnership games.

3. As in the standard game, each player starts with a Homeland and 10 followers. However, the Homeland has a higher integrity than normal. Ignore the 6 printed on the card, and treat Homeland as if it has AN INTEGRITY OF 8.

4. Separate and shuffle the remaining cards into four face down stacks, one for each level. Since you are mixing two sets, there will be twice the normal number of cards in each stack.

5. Each player draws a hand of 5 cards from the Level I stack.

6. Each player takes a four-sided die and rolls to see who will go first. Each player then sets their die to ‘1’ to show that they begin the game on Level I.


Play proceeds clockwise around the table. Rules are similar to standard Time Barons with a few key modifications:

1. You may now spend 1 action to PASS ANY NUMBER OF CARDS to your teammate. These cards must originate from your hand, and upon being passed immediately enter your teammate's hand. Cards are passed face down so their identity is hidden from the opposing team.

2. During a normal relocate action, you may also send some of your followers across the table to your teammate's sites.

3. Cards that target an "opponent" only affect ONE OF YOUR TWO OPPONENTS. You decide which opponent is affected.


1. You CANNOT react on your teammate's behalf.

2. Tech level is NOT shared among teammates.

3. All verbal communication with your teammates must be done out in the open so ALL PLAYERS CAN HEAR.

4. You CANNOT show the cards in your hand to another player.

5. The first three players in the turn sequence only get 2 actions on their first turn, whereas the fourth player gets 3 actions. After one complete cycle around the table, all players get 3 actions per turn as normal.

Game End

1. If at any point a single player has no followers, that player's team loses, regardless of how many followers their teammate still has.

2. If 3 out of 4 cards stacks run out, the team with the greater combined number of followers wins.


The game no longer ends when three out of four draw stacks run out. Instead, the exhaustion of three draw stacks triggers the "end of days."

While the end of days is in effect, starting with the player whose turn is next, each player must begin their turn by choosing and destroying one of their own sites. If that site has any followers on it, those followers are killed. Otherwise, play continues as usual.

Eventually, only one player will have any followers left in play. That player is the winner!

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